For more than 25 years, I have worked as an executive manager at various industrial and manufacturing companies, last 16 years in ABB.
Although I am an electrical engineer by education, then professionally I have been focusing on development of business organizations, processes and people.

I highly value learning and continuous self-improvement.

This has brought me into this new phase in my life – sharing my knowledge and practical experience.
This is the approach I have been using in recent years within my team, where I strongly contributed to the people’s individual development and applied coaching leadership style.

I am a certified coach by Academy of Executive Coaching from 2017.

Since then, I have been coaching many middle and top managers in various companies.

Having long-term experience in industrial and manufacturing area, I believe that for these areas business leaders I can offer suitable solutions, based precisely on their specifics.

My main values

  • Honesty and integrity in every aspect
  • mutual trust and cooperation
  • continuous development and learning
  • accountability and completion of activities

My mission as a coach and manager

  • Through my engagement support the facilitation and maximal implementation of people’s developmental and operational potential.